Our Story


When our son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of nine, we were faced with the challenge of learning to manage this life altering condition while doing our best, as parents, to ensure that he could continue being a happy, confident, and playful kid.  

When he received his first insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor we were so excited that the days of dozens of finger pricks and insulin injections were behind us, but what we soon realized was that the technology presented a new challenge.  The adhesive patches that secured these technologies to his body were powerfully strong, designed to endure days of running, swimming, and wrestling with his older brother. Removing the patches literally ripped off layers of his skin. From irritation to cracking, bleeding, and even skin infections, the process of removing the adhesives became a real health concern.  Worst of all, we saw his confidence slip, his frustration with being a Type 1 diabetic increase, and his sense of being a normal kid began to fade.

We searched the market for products that could help with the problem, but found that they contained chemicals that we weren't comfortable putting on our child's skin.  So we set out to develop a wholesome solution to this problem.  Turning to natural oils, we developed a formula that contains ingredients with no petroleum distillates or harsh chemicals.  Many months and patch removals later, we've perfected our formula, and our son's skin has never been healthier. Mirabalm makes the removal of his diabetic devices completely pain free, and the skin damage and infections have disappeared 100%. Additionally, his skin is no longer stripped of its natural oils, which are the body's own method of protection from external toxins. Now, with each passing day, we grow more and more in awe of how brave and resilient he is in accepting and living with his Type 1 diabetes. 

Mirabalm transformed our son's quality of life in dealing with the removal of his diabetic devices.  We believe that it can do the same for the thousands of others who rely on transdermal therapies, adhesive secured products and monitors, tapes, and bandages for their health care needs.   

Our personal health journeys are challenging enough.  You don't need to be weighed down by skin injury.  Let Mirabalm do the lifting!

Mike and Sarah Fritz, Mirabalm Co-Founders