Our Story

A chemical free adhesive remover for healthy skin





How It All Started

Mirabalm is a 100% all-natural adhesive remover developed by Mike and Sarah Fritz as a response to their son‘s diagnosis with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of nine. The couple was abruptly faced with the challenges of learning to manage this life-altering condition, including painful side effects caused by the adhesive patches that secure the insulin pump and monitor to their son’s body.

Held on with powerfully strong adhesives that are designed to endure everyday activities, removing the patches literally ripped off layers of their child’s skin. From irritation to cracking, bleeding, and even skin infections, the process of removing the adhesives became a real health concern.


Finding A Better Solution
Sarah and Mike searched the market for products that could help with this problem, but found them to all contain chemicals that they weren’t comfortable putting on their child’s skin. Faced with a gap in the market, the couple decided to develop their own wholesome solution to their son’s needs. Turning to natural oils, they started developing an adhesive remover formula that contains healthful ingredients with no petroleum distillates or harsh chemicals.

After many months of testing, the couple perfected a successful formula; Their "miracle balm" made the removal of their son’s diabetic devices completely hassle-free and his skin damage and infections disappeared 100%. His skin has never been healthier now that it is no longer being left stripped of its natural oils (the body’s built-in method of protection from external toxins).


Spreading The Love

Mike and Sarah’s research into the issues their son was facing led them to develop an understanding about MARSI (Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injury). MARSI is a common but under recognized problem for many who rely on adhesively secured appliances and products as part of their health needs. Recent studies show that 90% of pediatrics using insulin pumps experience dermatological complications; and incidents of adhesive related skin damage in nursing homes has been recorded as high as 15%. 

“Mirabalm transformed our son's quality of life in dealing with the removal of his diabetic devices. We believe that it can do the same for the thousands of others who rely on transdermal therapies, adhesively-secured products and monitors, tapes, and bandages for their health care needs. Our personal health journeys are challenging enough. You don't need to be weighed down by skin injury. Let Mirabalm do the lifting!”

– Mike and Sarah Fritz, Mirabalm Co-Founders